Written By: Laura Mangham CPC, CHT




The ugly F-word:


You know the F-word. It’s what kept you from sleeping the night before your competition. It made you believe you had to lower your weight class to stand a chance. It told you that you weren’t ready, even though you’d been training for months. It made you doubt yourself upon facing your opponent for the first time. It distracted you on the mat, reminding you of that time you were injured in that very position. It made you feel as if everyone was staring, just waiting for you to slip. The F-word is what could have caused you to give it all up. Why didn’t you? Because of a much bigger word than fear; courage.

Courage assured you that you can rely on your strength and skill to compete against your opponent. It reminded you of the hundreds of drills you’ve practiced and have now mastered. Courage reminded you that your opponent is human, feeling exactly as you do. Courage told you that you’ve learned from your mistakes and will deliver better results this time.  It allows you to bask in the positivity of all who support you and are waiting to see you win. Courage is what pushes you forward in your toughest moments.

Fear is a big ugly word, but it’s no match for the size of your courage.