“We’re not just a magazine, we’re a movement”

Many people support females in jiu jitsu. There are professors, champions, mentors, organizations but most of the people supporting us are the very ladies who are doing the art day in and day out. We are the everyday athletes, the academic students, the busy moms, and the workers or executives who go from their uniforms or suits to the gi. We are the practitioners who train as white belts, blue, purple and up while still finding time to care for our families, study for our education, and perform at our jobs. We empower, we educate, we elevate – on and off the mat. This is our mission: to provide resources, education and support for all of us inspiring ladies in jiu-jitsu.

Our Vision: Uniting & Empowering Ladies to embrace life on & off the mats.

Our Mission: The #1 provider of resources, education & support to Women in Jiu Jitsu.