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Watermelon Cilantro Salad

Written by: Nicole Houle This delicious Watermelon salad not only tastes amazing, it hydrates you at the same time.  It can be served as a side, dessert, or a as a snack. Watermelon Cilantro Salad:   Ingredients: Watermelon 4 cups... Continue Reading →


V8 Juice aka Happy Heart Juice

Written by: Johnette Cueto Owner and Founder of ReViVe Raw Juice Tucson, AZ   I call this recipe "Happy Heart Juice" This yummy deliciousness will keep you coming back for more. This juice is a fun, light, refreshing drink you can... Continue Reading →

Five days of Euphoria, Jiu Jitsu, Empowerment & the Sea

Written by: Jodi Schwartz   Sophia McDermott’s Lifestyle and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp took place in small but quaint town of Siesta Key this past October. A small patch of paradise in Florida where the ice cream comes in rainbow... Continue Reading →

The Ugly F Word.

Written By: Laura Mangham CPC, CHT       The ugly F-word:   You know the F-word. It’s what kept you from sleeping the night before your competition. It made you believe you had to lower your weight class to... Continue Reading →

3 Exercises that will improve your balance for Jiu Jitsu:

We need our balance in Jiu Jitsu on a regular basis. Think about all the times you have found yourself hopping on one leg to defend a single leg takedown, or the balancing act of defending someone’s x guard. Incorporate these exercises into your routine and take your balance game up a notch.

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