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Herstory Comes to the 2018 IBJJF Pans

Written by: Natalie Whitson   International Women's Day – held every year on March 8 – celebrates the expansion of women’s rights. Coincidentally, this year’s Women's Day also witnessed the sudden expansion of women’s events offered by the International Brazilian Jiu... Continue Reading →


Elevate Jiu Jitsu Mag talks with Shama Ko about 2018.

In November 2017 Nicole Houle with Elevate Jiu Jitsu Mag was able to catch up with and interview Shama Ko to discuss the future of Girls and Gi's in 2018.     Girls in Gi's is an organization dedicated to... Continue Reading →

Carlos Melo and Karen Peters Interview. The driving force behind the petition that changed history for the Master’s Women’s Divisions at the 2018 IBJJF Pans.

Written by: Nicole Houle   We did an interview with Carlos Melo and Karen Peters who were the masterminds of the petition that has quickly turned into a movement toward equality for women in Jiu Jitsu. Carlos and Karen... Continue Reading →

Learn how to do “The Bully Pass” with Caitlin Huggins

Elevate Jiu Jitsu Mag presents Caitlin Huggins, Black Belt and Instructor out of Top Martial Arts and Fitness located in Pineville, North Carolina.  Caitlin shares with us "The Bully Pass" which is one of her favorite ways to pass the... Continue Reading →

Elevate Jiu Jitsu Mag is hosting The 12 Days of Giveaways

*-*Starting December 14, 2017 Elevate Jiu Jitsu Mag will be giving away 12 gifts for 12 days. To enter to win follow these 3 steps. Subscribe at Post a picture via Instagram & Facebook that shows us what you do to... Continue Reading →

Five days of Euphoria, Jiu Jitsu, Empowerment & the Sea

Written by: Jodi Schwartz   Sophia McDermott’s Lifestyle and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp took place in small but quaint town of Siesta Key this past October. A small patch of paradise in Florida where the ice cream comes in rainbow... Continue Reading →

Denise Houle shows the Arm Triangle from Top Half Guard.

Elevate Jiu Jitsu Mag presents Denise Houle,  Head Coach at the UFC GYM Perimeter in Atlanta, GA.  Denise has a philosophy from the Top Half Guard position, why not take the opportunity to try to submit from top half guard?, ... Continue Reading →

The Ugly F Word.

Written By: Laura Mangham CPC, CHT       The ugly F-word:   You know the F-word. It’s what kept you from sleeping the night before your competition. It made you believe you had to lower your weight class to... Continue Reading →

“Black Belt Suzanne Ramsden of Maverick Training Center shares her experience in priorities, perseverance and passion.”

  Elevate readers want to know what inspires you to reach your goals? My inspiration has always been my mother, who passed away about five years ago.  She was a very good person who was always there for anyone.  She... Continue Reading →

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